House Designs

Welcome to Moran Ridge Limited, your dreams to own a home are valid. With a variety of house designs to choose from, here is why you should choose us

Why Choose Us

Choose Moran Ridge for expert craftsmanship, personalized service, luxurious living, elegant design and prime location.

Extensive Expertise

Moran Ridge Limited has an experienced staff with unmatched expertise in helping builders and homeowners find house plans that match their needs and budgets.

Variety Of Designs

Our portfolio is comprised of home plans from designers and architects across East Africa and abroad. Designs are constantly updated to meet and exceed clients expectations as per the changing times.

Customized Plans & Constructions Estimates

Our design team can make changes to any plan, big or small, to make it perfect for your needs. Our team will get you the cost to build a specific house design in a specific region based on your land specifications.

Variety Of House Designs To Choose From